A little ditty about how we met

It was an evening in 2010. By a chance happening, they both ended up going to a midget wrestling event at Paradise City (now the Redneck Yacht Club) off I-40 in OKC. Scott saw Jess enter and immediately knew he had to talk to "that girl." Jess, who came in with two guys, saw a cute guy, Scott, sitting in the VIP section taking video and pictures of the event (which wasn't allowed) so decided to go over by him and snap her own photos. Very casual conversation ensued and Jess went back to sit with her friends. Scott finally got the courage and walked over, introduced himself with the best pickup line ever ("Hi, I'm Scott"), and chatted it up with Jess. When he decided Jess was cool and wanted to hang out again, Scott asked for her digits. Excitedly she began telling him, but quickly paused for a moment, then asked Scott if he was "normal." Scott said for the most part (lies, all lies) and they exchanged numbers. Some years later, Scott setup this website (writing in third person is FUN) because they are getting married.

  • Love
  • Music
  • Animals

Jessica Maurine Pritchard

I really like rocks...and fossils.

Scott Thomas Parrish

I do designy things.

Sasquatch LeStat Pritchard

I am the cat, meow.

Opal Thunder Pritchard Parrish

I am the dog, woof.

The Other People

These people were standing by Jess & Scott when they tied the knot.

  • Nick Snodgrass

    Nick Snodgrass

    Long time friend of Scott. They kick it together frequently. Honestly, I'm just too lazy to write more about him. Oh yeah, he's the Best Man.

  • Kirbie Pritchard

    Kirbie Pritchard

    Younger sister to Jess. She likes animals and big Texas hair.

  • Trent and Rowan Cook

    Trent Cook

    Childhood friend of Scott. He now lives in Denver, but Scott and Trent try to get together whenever one is in the other's neck of the woods. That groovy little dude next to him is Rowan and will be bearering the ring in the wedding.

  • Megan Pritchard

    Megan Pritchard

    Older sister to the bride. She used to (and probably still does) pick on Jess.

  • Doug Haneborg

    Doug Haneborg

    Another Childhood friend of Scott. He now lives in Boise, but these two still seem to get in some craziness from time to time, when his wife Ashley allows it.

  • Lynne Parrish

    Lynne Parrish

    Big sister to the groom. A definite wanderlust, but anchored in Colorado for the time being.

  • Carl Green

    Carl Green

    They met in Savannah, but both from Oklahoma, however somehow became instant friends. Carl and Scott went all around Savannah to find out what the music scene was all about, as well as most the construction sites.

  • Caroline Smolkin

    Caroline Smolkin

    You would think she is another fiery redheaded sister of Jess, but they are just good friends. They like to play games and talk...a lot.

Hickory Street Annex

501 Second Avenue | Dallas, TX 75226

Located in Deep Ellum at the corner of Hickory Street and Second Avenue, near the Pearlstone Grain Elevator, this complex of buildings was originally a distribution center for Gulf Oil Company.

Constructed in 1921, it served Gulf Oil Corporation’s North Texas region by providing automobile maintenance facilities for Gulf’s vehicles and storage space for its customer and automobile products.

For more information: http://www.hickorystreetannex.com/

Magnolia Hotel - Downtown Dallas

1401 Commerce Street | Dallas, TX 75201 | 888.915.1110

The Magnolia Hotel, a boutique hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas, and the former headquarters of Mobil Oil's predecessor, the Magnolia Petroleum Co. Built in 1921, the 29-story structure was the first high-rise in the United States to have air conditioning, and was the city's first skyscraper at more than 400-feet high. The building's landmark was a statue of Pegasus, the mythical flying red horse. Today, the Pegasus has been restored, proudly adorning the building and illuminated at night in downtown Dallas.

We had private booking with rooms reserved; One King Bed or Two Queen Beds Standard rooms as well as suites were available. If you mentioned the Pritchard/Parrish Wedding Group you received the private booking rates if you called to book. If you had any problems reserving a room, you should have contacted Kristina Garcia and she would have be able to assist you. The button below went directly to online private booking.

Bride & Groom Itinerary

Please download the itinerary by clicking the link. Feel free to print it and bring along with you for the weekend.

Latest Version (07.06.16): Itinerary Download.

Scott planed to attend the Great American Trucking Show Friday the 26th between 10:30am and Noon. If you wanted to join him, you should have pre-registered at http://www.truckshow.com as it was free to attend as long as you pre-registered. Also, you should have let Scott know you wanted to go so no one would be left behind.

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